First dates make you feel excited and nervous at the same time. You look forward to it especially if you are to date with a person that you admire. You prepare yourself before the day comes. You make sure that you will look good and presentable in the eyes of your date. Your goal is […]


Losing someone you love is never easy. It is never easy to accept that your husband or wife is already gone and that you will no longer see him/ her. You are now alone in your battle and you only have the memories that you shared together. When you look back and remember all the […]


Not all date invitations that we get or receive interest us. There are times when we have to reject or refuse the invitation to go on a date. We have varied reasons. One reason could be you are currently in a relationship or you are simply uninterested with the person who is inviting you. However, […]


Every date is different from another. Dating experiences vary from one to another. Some experiences are fun; others are boring. But if you had a nice and wonderful one, you’ve got to show your appreciation to the person you dated with. If you found it amazing and fun, don’t keep it inside. Express how much […]


Going on a date can cause anyone to feel awkward and nervous. Once these feelings attack you, you might turn your date into a nightmare. This usually happens for first timers. They are not experienced yet when it comes to dating skills. Having dating skills will improve your chance of having better and more fun […]


Dating someone who has just gotten out of a relationship can be a little complicated. You aren’t sure whether the person you date with is serious with you or you are just in a rebound relationship. Nobody wants to be in this kind of relationship. Nobody wants to be used. Once you find out that […]


When we go on a date with someone, we have the goal to impress him/ her somehow. This is the reason why we care about what we wear. We get conscious with our appearance. We like to look beautiful or handsome in the eyes of our date. We want to create a good impression to […]


Once you have been in a long-term relationship and you end up with a break-up, you will find it hard to date again. It will take you quite a long time to recover from the separation. The time you spent with the person will always linger on your mind. Memories will keep on coming back […]


People’s values are now different compared to the ones they used to keep before.  We see changes in courtship and dating. Before, cohabitation was a taboo but now, it is becoming very popular among young people. It seems like its popularity makes it right already. The start of every relationship is dating. As early as […]


Casual dating is one of the most common types of dating and relationship. It differs from any other types of date in the sense that it is less serious. Its dictionary definition actually goes like this, “It is an evening, a meal, or a get-together of some kind in which there’s no expectation of further […]