Going through a divorce is such a painful experience. It is even worse for couples who have kids. Most of the time, women take charge of the responsibilities of parents. Most of the time, the mother takes good care of the children after a divorce. Having the kids with you is actually a big responsibility. […]


Once you are married, you often neglect dates with your partner. There’s no excitement in dating anymore because you are always together. You devote your time with your career and other things. You think that your duty is just to provide for the needs of your family. You have forgotten that in order to make […]


A double date may seem to be so simple but it can be really complicated if it is not well-taken care of. There’s a need for you to carefully plan the set up and the activities that you are going to do on your date. If it is successful, it can actually be exciting for […]


Going on a date could be an exciting experience for anyone. However, it could be a terrible experience when your date gets drunk and everything starts to be terrible. Most dates are actually centered on alcohol. People share a drink. They talk over several shots of alcoholic drink. It is not surprising because alcohol can […]


Every woman has the right to date with anyone for as long as she is single and available. If there’s a man who catches their interest, they actually go out with him once they are asked. Having kids is not also a reason for women not to date. Women who have children but without a […]


Going on a first date is not easy. You have to exert extra effort in preparation in order to impress your date. It also prevents you from turning the date bad. If you successfully impress your date on the first date, you will surely get another one. Aside from observing table manners, smiling a lot, […]


It’s actually a bit awkward to date a friend’s ex. If you pursue it, it can be a disaster or an experience to remember. The experience you get from it actually depends on you go about things and on the kind of friend you have. If your friend is not an open-minded person, he or […]


We all experience failures at one point. Sometimes we fail because we just settle to what we know. We are so stiff that we don’t want to embrace changes. We don’t exert effort to improve ourselves. In dating and relationship, we often fail because of our personality or we don’t know how to deal with […]


When you go on a date, there’s a need for you to be presentable. You need to look good. You need to look and smell fresh. One of your goals is to impress the person you are dating with. You can only do that if you prepare yourself prior to your meeting. A part of […]


Going on a date is supposed to be a happy experience. It is something that you look forward to. However, there are times when we experience bad dates. A date can be bad or awkward when one becomes so nervous or uncomfortable. It also turns bad when there’s no chemistry between the two parties involved. […]