A number of married women are unfaithful to their husband. They are open to a relationship to the other side. They are open to extramarital affairs. On the other hand, there are men who go for married women because they find it challenging. They take the risk of dating them without having enough knowledge of […]


Dating an older person has its advantages and disadvantages. While you may have a great chance of having a mature or grown-up relationship, you may also face different challenges with this kind of dating. It is actually pretty challenging because you are from different generation and maturity levels so more or less you do have […]


There’s something interesting about a blind date. You will learn something from it. It will definitely teach you a lesson that you may not forget. You will be left with experiences that you will always look back to. This kind of date has its own features. One is that you will be surprised about the […]


After a marriage has been broken by divorce, the divorcees are often left with different feelings. There are feelings of confusion, anger, rejection, and grief. Divorce is really a painful experience for anyone, especially for those who value the institution of marriage very much. This makes it difficult for some to move on. Others swear […]


Being a single parent is never easy. All the big responsibilities are on your shoulders. There is no one to help you out. There’s no one to look after your kids but you. Being one is truly challenging because your life as a whole is affected. You have limited time to go out and hang […]


Going on a date and you are shy? Well, it must be a tough thing for you. It is pretty hard to socialize when you do not have the confidence that you need. When you are shy you don’t feel comfortable being with people, more so when you are to spend some time with a […]


After stepping out of a relationship, you actually feel pain and sorrow. You are in the process of healing a broken heart. You are in the stage of moving on. Coping with a separation is never easy. It is a long process with no specific formula. However, it starts with one thing-acceptance. When you accept […]


Being in a long distance relationship is tough. You have to face many challenges which really test the strength of your relationship. The physical distance in your relationship is the biggest challenge that will determine if your love can stand or not. It is actually your choice to make it work. If you truly care […]


Dating is an opportunity to get to know someone better. You spend time together and you talk about different things. Your conversation can be your tool to see what is inside the person you are dating with. It is your means to reach within and discover what kind of personality the person has. However, when […]


Teenage girls are quite aggressive when it comes to many things, especially dating. They are in the period of exploration. For them, dating is an avenue for them to meet men with various personalities. It gives them the opportunity to socialize and try the things they have seen on movies. They are eager to experience […]