There are instances when destiny plays with our heart. We fall for someone who is already attached or committed to somebody.  Even if we try to convince ourselves that it is wrong to feel this way, we cannot help but feel attracted.  The more we suppress our emotions, the more they become intense and the […]


Your interest or attraction with a pretty, popular girl goes with challenges, most especially if you are not as popular as she is.  You have to deal with competition with other men around her and you have to deal with her busy schedule as well.  If you have a weak spirit, you’ll end up losing […]


Virgo men are perfectionist in nature.  They are difficult to date especially if you know nothing about them.  This is the reason why it is necessary to get to know something about a person prior to your date.  Doing this will help you please the person.  If you know something, at least you know what […]


When you are dating with someone that you like, the tendency is you would wonder if your date went well.  You’d have questions in mind and as much as possible you want positive answers or feedbacks.  Hearing good impressions or compliments from your date is such a great relief. Dating Tips Finding out if it […]


Ending a date is not easy when you are trying to be humane.  There are many excuses that you could use to escape from it but you just can’t choose which one will work best for you at the moment. Some alibis may even sound cliché. Dating Tips Check the following tips and pieces of […]


Many people say that young widowers would make good partners. They could easily attract women because of their character.  Women have the thought that a relationship with a young widower would be a successful one. Nevertheless, there are many challenges that come with dating a young widower or widow.  These are challenges that would test […]


Dating a quiet girl is quite different from dating an active girl. The approach is pretty different and it is somehow challenging if you are a guy who is used to be with women who are always on the go.  If you can’t take the challenge, then don’t consider dating with this type of girl […]