Most men often make mistakes when they go out on their dates. They often neglect the important things. Little did they know that small things matter and that they can contribute to something great. Men should make sure that they are doing the right thing during a date if they want it to be successful. […]


Dating as a Christian requires some etiquette. Christians adhere to the principles and doctrines written in the bible. They don’t go on a date just like any other people. They have the belief that following the words of God written in the bible is more important than anything else. They don’t do anything that is […]


Going on a prom is something that almost every junior and senior looks forward to. It is all about having the time of your life. It is all about experiencing the moment with your special someone. Actually, besides graduation day, it is the most significant event in your high school. You will never forget it, […]


Going on a date is always an experience that almost everyone looks forward to. Teens would try to sneak out juts to go on a date. However, as you get older, your goals and views become different. Your priorities also become different. Deciding whether you go out with a guy or not actually depends on […]


It’s pretty normal to feel nervous when you see your crush, especially when he/ she is around. You feel the butterflies in your stomach and you lose your composure. It can get even more difficult when you try to approach the person. Just the thought of it is enough to cause your palms to sweat, […]


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There’s this someone you’ve been eyeing for quite sometime. You have been watching him her from a distance. You didn’t have any chance to be near the person because you are just too afraid to do a move. At last, the long wait is over. You are now ready to face the person. You now […]


Many people never thought that they would ever date after they have reached a certain age as an adult. Dating is not just for youngsters. It’s for everyone who feels the passion and magic. With this in their mind, they would find it hard to make the date turn out well. They would be uncomfortable […]


It might be fun to play match-maker but it also has its own challenges. It’s not easy to pair two individuals when you aren’t sure if they are going to click or not. If you know them both, it’s both an advantage and disadvantage. If they are going to like each other, your matchmaking will […]


Perfect dates don’t need to be expensive.  You can turn an inexpensive and simple date into an exciting and memorable one. The way you act during your date and the way you communicate with the person you date with will be the more important things. Your preparation prior to the date also matters a lot. […]


In a romantic relationship, the couple has to exert extra effort in order to keep the romance alive. Once it starts to fade away, chances are the relationship will also grow weaker. It’s the romance that keeps it growing. It’s the romance that makes it alive. It’s the romance that gives vibrant colors. It’s actually […]